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Aidan Gillen and Natalie Dormer; Season 3 Premiere


Papa Sangre 2 is FREE today on iOS

[Papa Sangre 2 is no longer free, but its $5 price tag is still quite low, considering the sheer polish, and amount of content on display.]

Papa Sangre 2 is a survival horror game that utilizes only sound, environmental noise and beautiful narration by Sean Bean, to force your imagination to craft a more terrifying experience than in-game visuals ever could.

The first thing the game tells you is that you have actually died. That the device in your hands, the walls of your room around you: none of them are real. They are all vague memories which will soon fade away like all the rest if you fail to return to the land of the living.

The game is divided into stages where you must complete various goals beset upon you by a mysterious voice with ulterior motives, all of which require you to navigate your surroundings by sound alone. Bump into a wall, and you’ll know to turn; hear bubbling acid nearby and you’ll know to avoid it. But step on shattering shards of glass, and the creatures that are in there with you will hear it too.

The best way to play Papa Sangre is after everyone else has gone to bed: turn off everything that emits light or sound, put on your nicest headphones for the simulated surround sound, and cover your eyes. It’s an experience you can’t get in any standard horror.

Unfortunately, it is only available on iOS, and only for devices running 6.0 or higher. But if you have a device that suits that bill, go ahead and pick this up.

(Papa Sangre 2 is a standalone story, and does not require playing the first game.)

Okay seriously, just Sean Bean saying “Hello” all sexy like that just…. GUH. God DAMN IT.


2014 4/18 Aidan Gillen from “Beneath the Harvest Sky” poses for a portrait at the 2014 Tribeca Film Festival Getty Images Studio


Source: http://www.mikethefanboy.com/tnt-wondercon-2014-panel-details-legends/ 


Source: http://www.mikethefanboy.com/tnt-wondercon-2014-panel-details-legends/ 


TNT “Legends" 2014

Seriously, there are NO WORDS to describe how fucking excited I am about this. God help all of you this summer when I start mainlining this.

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PROBABLY shouldn’t be listening to this at work.

Holy. Shit. Ben Whishaw.

BBC Radio 3 presents: Mike Bartlett's 'Cock'


Game of Thrones star Sean Bean playing around with a soccer ball while on the set of his new tv drama “Legends” filming in Los Angeles California, United States on 15 Apr, 2014.

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Happy birthday, Sean!! I hope that you have a good time as an actor.Every day is fulfilling with you, I can feel happy too.